Here at B.B.M. we believe strongly in exploring all avenues of income, investing, saving and creating assets. Through this exploration we insist on seeking God’s direction concerning the information we find.

 For the past couple years I have been very impressed with a relatively new movement sweeping across our country- Tiny and Small houses. The phrase Tiny House may cause you to think of a doll house, a cramped space that’s hard to move around in, or a shack in the woods only fit for housing an old hermit. However, the truth is far from such images.

While researching the Tiny House phenomenon I found that these fully-functioning, scaled-down houses are really spacious, equipped with amenities, and really well-designed. Honestly, there were many times I asked, “How’d they fit the outside around the inside?” The designers were able to take a small space and create a very roomy interior.

Another great thing about them is they are so much more affordable than the traditional houses we are used to in America. From a financial perspective Small and Tiny houses are a really great investment and a great money-saving tool for those seeking to buy their first home.

My wife and I know a couple who have recently purchased a large three bedroom house complete with formal dining room, large living room, game room and several extra rooms which are not necessary for a young couple who has yet to have their first child. They are only a few months into their home-ownership and the financial obligation is already causing significant strain on their wallets which then is causing strain on their marriage.

Now, imagine this same couple but with a shift in their mindset. Instead of the big, fancy house they invest in a Tiny House. The square footage is much less but so is the monthly mortgage payment. In fact, instead of stressing over money, they are able to put an extra 1,200 dollars a month into their savings. Also, the term of their mortgage is only fifteen years, not thirty.

Let’s do some math: Let’s say the mortgage on our friends’ traditional house is only $1,500 for thirty years. That’s a total of $540,000. The payments on the Tiny House are $300 per month for fifteen years. That’s a total of $54,000. This couple would have saved $486,000 by purchasing a Tiny or Small House instead of the traditional house that is now causing major problems in their life together. Can you imagine what they could have done with an additional $486,000?

Imagine that they got pregnant the same day they purchased the smaller house. Let’s say they took $600 (of the extra 1200) a month and placed it in a savings account for the child’s higher education. In eighteen years they’d have $129,600 dollars BEFORE INTEREST IS ADDED!!

Isn’t that a much better situation than being stressed over a mortgage, trying to find a second job, refinancing and maybe still losing their home after all their hard work?

If God gave me the choice in my son’s future I’d definitely choose the Tiny House option for him. In fact, my 14 year old son, my wife and I did have that conversation and I’m proud to say he is completely ok with the idea of us building a Tiny House for him to use during his college years so that he can save for his own financial future. Of course he’ll be getting a job to pay for a portion of it. I do believe in teaching our children they must work for what they desire. My wife and I also have no problem with eventually turning over the deed to this Tiny House to our son so that he can rent it for income if he chooses.

Are Tiny Houses for everyone? No, absolutely not. Neither is the stock market, business ownership or mutual funds. However, it is an option worth exploring. I strongly advise you take a couple minutes here and there to look into the cost of building or buying a Tiny or Small house. You may be in a position where downsizing is a smart financial decision. Maybe you’re able to invest in a few of these smaller dwellings as a means of creating Real estate asset. Either way, seek God’s direction in all financial matters!!


11/02/2013 7:27pm

I enjoyed your post!

Taz Bright
11/02/2013 8:11pm

Thanks for reading Elaine Walker. Stop in any time. Is there a finance-related topic you'd like to see addressed on this site?

Good bless.

One Path
11/03/2013 8:20am

God does whisper messages and shows "a" path when needed most.
It was very to good for us to read your article this morning because we've been struggling with "how" do we make the transition to a smaller home.
I re met my high school sweetheart a couple of years ago online and got married two years ago. Now we're getting close to 50. We're choosing to live life and enjoy what God has given to us and enjoy a more simple life so we can be together more.
We have about 50% equity in our primary home. We not working, we're currently taking a small bit of time off from working to grow into our new lifestyle and going to school and learning. Our big questions are:
Do we keep and rent our primary house?
Would it be smart to live off/on the grid?
Is there a community of like minded people?
Are there states that would be friendlier to this lifestyle?

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes that help me make this shift in thinking shortyly after getting married.

Zelda Fitzgerald
"I don't want to live. I want to love first, and live incidentally."

Taz Bright
11/04/2013 11:06am

Thanks for reading the blog and I am glad that the timing is so perfect in your life. Isn't God great at doing that? It is definitely not a simple task to down size from the home you are accustomed to. It is not something to be taken lightly. It is encouraging, however, to see that the tiny house movement is helping many families save thousands as long as they are open to exploring the details, evaluating their needs, etc.
I do not know your entire financial story, but it may be an option to move into a tiny home while renting your current house to someone else.
There are communities of Tiny/Small house dwellers out there who help each other transition from the traditional home into a smaller, more manageable space. You can sign up for their newsletters in order to learn more about Tiny and Small houses.


There may be some states friendlier to the Tiny house option. I'd definitely call city hall and/or an attorney to be sure of the regulations within the state (s) in which you plan to build/purchase a Tiny home.

My wife and I have started discussing the option of investing in several easily-built tiny homes then renting them out. It is very exciting but we are still researching and praying on the subject.
Feel free to write back here on this blog or go to our "contact us" page so we can chat privately. As with anything, follow His direction.

God bless.


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